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Software to organize and catalogue books, magazines, papers,
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7 January 2013

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Organization along with private and public libraries are well acquainted with large many books related to their specified subjects are loaded inside their racks and stacks. With time these papers and books pile up and you are at a loss of many books haphazardly placed everywhere. Also when you have to find any specified book it will take your valuable time in searching them and also give you serious hassle. PowerBK Book Organizer Software 3.2.12 will show the road for you in organizing each and every document file resting in your library and assist you to grab them whenever necessary in quick session. The application is very powerful and gives way to storing immense large data files of books in its database so that retrieval of books becomes simple and easy.

No matter what kinds of Books you keep, which may encompass magazines, News papers, catalogs etc. stored in the collection storing, retrieving and extracting details of them becomes very easy. The application allows you to search the books by any sort of details such as ISBN no., author, title and any particular no. allotted to it. Further the application employs the management of books basing upon data fields of books such as total number of pages, location, cover page, publication year. Managing and versatility is given by added boost thanks to Google books integration this thing has into it. These data of all books stored into the software can be exported in varied formats like Txt, Doc, PDF, excel sheet etc. If someone tries to manipulate the data store in it then he has to get over the password protection.

Added to all that this solution also provides advance features like contact record management, skin selection as well as other customization feature. PowerBK Book Organizer Software is therefore a terrific utility to be talked about which wins a rating of 3 on five.

Publisher's description

Software to organize and catalogue books, magazines, papers, ... for private and public use.
Features and benefits. Automatically catalogue of private and public books. Browse and search books by author, title, ISBN number and so on.
PowerBK software manages a lots of books' data fields, for example, location, number of pages, publication year, cover art.
Software is password protected to guarantee your privacy and data protection.
Books data can be exported in many file formats, such as .Xls, .Pdf, .Doc, .Txt.
Additional features:
- Google books integration;
- Automatic retrieve of book fields over the internet;
- Automatic backup;
- Data scheduling;
- Import books and contacts from external file (.Csv, .Txt, .Xls, ...);
- Barcode reader integration;
- Unlimited books database entries;
- Free software updates;
- Advanced search feature;
- Skin selection and customization features;
- Contacts record management.
PowerBK Book Organizer Software
PowerBK Book Organizer Software
Version 3.2.12
Free Download

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